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一个缺失的位置,项目位于商场的边角,一个商业气息最差的位置,感受是一个被遗忘的角落。如何改变这个效果是设计谋略一个重要的组成部门。The project is located at a mall's corner, which seems like a forgotten area because of its low person flow. Therefore, changing this situation is a very important part of the design strategy.设计思考Design Thinking━Novacolor是源自意大利艺术涂料,始于研制一些历史悠久石膏类天然矿物质涂料。如何让200种漆面的质感与色彩展示在一个180㎡的空间中处于和谐的位置,同时通过视觉与体验带来商业引流,这是我们骨子里的念头,为了到达一个效果而不是一个目的。

Novacolor was established in Italy, and originated from developing some natural mineral paints that have a long history. The design team aims to display 200 paints’textures and colors harmoniously in a 180-square-meter space, and attract more customers through eye-catching exhibition and wonderful experience.自由平面Free Plane━不规则的几何线条相互交织/分散,一个散而聚的矛盾体组成了一个自由开放的几何平面,为通透开放,自由流动的空间性格奠基了基础,简朴的几何体量,无装饰的立面造型,漏洞窥视的既视感,为空间论述着一种新的气氛,以小见大。Irregular geometric lines are intertwined or separated. These contradictory lines constitute a free and open geometric plane, laying the foundation for a smooth and freely flowing space. The simple geometric volume, non-decorative elevation and the mystery of peeping through the gap present a new atmosphere for the space. The whole spatial pattern can be imagined from small details.呼吸Breath━一次纷歧样的思考,通常是比例、形体、质料、光线,细节来支撑空间,而这次是空间反过来支撑质料,质料才是这个空间的主体,需要体现与被体现的。空间为质料退让,把空间留给人,为人提供大量的交流和互动的时机。

自然的白色、灰色水泥质感与银色金属漆墙面与入口的玄色洞石质感墙体,几种差别感受的质感有机的融合在空间里。Generally, a space is enhanced by proportions, shapes, material, light and details, but thistime, the focus of the space is material, which needs to be exhibited. The space provides people with more opportunities to communicate and interact. Thenatural white color, gray cement texture, silver metallic paint wall and the black travertine wall of the entrance are organically integrated in the space.展示柜体成为支解空间唯一物质,与顶部门离,这种空间的延续处置惩罚,蓝色的小巨蛋存在角落的最高点,与人运动的历程都可以若隐若现的对话,更好的强调空间神秘与趣味的精神。地板堆叠的长方体砖块,是玄色金属漆在粗拙质感下的一次实验,意图体现漆的多样性与可以表达种种情绪。让人可以感受空间与质料在呼吸。

The display cabinet separated from the top is the only element that divides the space. The small blue ellipsoid is set at the highest point of the corner andable to create fascinating interactions with visitors, which emphasizes the mystery and fun spirit of the space greatly. The stacked rectangular bricks onthe floor attempt to show the b。